Another New Beginning

My first memories of how this company began are tied to the seasons.

The first spark of the idea came in the Spring of 2010.

It was a vague, wispy thing, and I couldn’t decide if I should just discard it or file it away for another time.  After all, I was shoulders-deep in the world of Theatre Costume Design and already plotting my escape into the new and exciting world of Fashion History.

But it persisted, planting its little seedling self into the back of my mind, awaiting the right time to sprout.

Then we had the Summer of 2012.

After two years of contemplation, I began the process of growing this small sprout of an idea into a real, tangible thing.  I was already beginning to rebuild my life in a new direction, so maybe now was the time to act. I soon discovered that it was blossoming into a lovely creature.

In the Autumn of 2012, I bravely took my first steps into the intimidating world of e-commerce.  I built my e-studio, carefully chose my words, agonized over pictures (and second and third guessed my word choices,) and held my breath as I virtually opened my shop’s doors.

Which brings us again to the Summer, the year 2014, and creation of this website.  It’s a big step for me and for this company.  I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m nervous and excited.  I’m looking forward to introducing my products to new audiences.  To revel with them in the ever-evolving shades and textures, to delight in the names and words of Shakespeare, and to share my knowledge with them about skincare, nail care, and the science of beauty.

I knew the moment I first read Shakespeare, just as I knew when I mixed up my first bottle of polish: I was hooked.  I hope you’ll join me on this fantastic adventure of whimsy.  (I promise not to be so theatrical next time.)Cccy wight

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